Summer Priorities 

With long, hot days followed by warm, breezy nights, summer is upon us.

Oh summer, I’m so happy to see you! I am so blessed to have the next two months off for the first time in years. Earlier today, I felt like God laid on my heart to talk about summer.

I could write a poetic ode to it. Something about the salty air and the smell of backyard barbecues. However, I feel more inclined to whisk you in a different direction.

Summertime, whether you are working or off for the next couple months, can sometimes be a busy time. We are so eager to DO. Beach. Pool. Shopping. Travel. Dinner parties. Cleaning. And all that is fine and dandy! By all means, do. But I am here to urge you to prioritize this summer.

Last summer, I was go-go-go. I was burnt out and didn’t take time to rest. It eventually caught up with me.

This summer: new goal. Take care of myself. From the inside, out. My emotional and physical well being need to be prioritized.

What does that look like?

Well for starters, I need to be in the Word more. I do my daily devotions year round, but I really should be digging in deeper. Now that I’m off for the summer, I have zero excuses. (But even when I’m working, I don’t have an excuse.) My goal is to start each morning quietly. Just me and the Lord. No blogging. No Netflix. Just me, Jesus, and a cup of green tea. (If you have kids, encourage them to do the same, and have them respect your quiet time.)

Secondly, fitness. I always eat healthy, but I am not one for working out. I’d like to try to change that this summer. I started a fitness program a week ago, and so far I love it! I don’t have any crazy fitness goals. I’m not trying to reach some sort of “bikini perfection.” I just want to feel a little stronger. I eat well, so I might as well tackle the other half of a healthy lifestyle.

My last thoughts on summer priorities is kind of a hodgepodge: Floss. Read an uplifting book or two. Rest.

Whether your agenda this summer is filled to the brim, or is looking pretty chill, remember to spend time with the Creator, eat healthfully, get up and move a little bit, and rest your body. At the end of this summer, I’ll let you know how I did.

Cheers to a summer invested in peace and joy!


Disclosure: The shoes in this blog post were gifted to me by Oka-B. Thank you, Oka-B! All opinions are my own.

A few years ago when I started working as a teacher’s aide, I noticed a number of the teachers wearing a specific brand of shoes. Really cute shoes. Colorful shoes. It seemed as though they all had a pair that perfectly matched each outfit. When I asked about them, they told me they were shoes from a company called Oka-B. “The comfiest shoes ever,” they said.

Now, three years later, I’m excited to be a brand ambassador for the very company that’s had me swooning all this time.

Allow me to introduce you to this fabulous company: Oka-B. The philosophy behind their products is that style does not need to be compromised at the expense of comfort. Cute and comfy can coexist. I believe they’ve really mastered this concept.

Each shoe is water resistant (you can literally put them in the washing machine!), slip resistant, recyclable, and have premium arch support. Based in Buford, Georgia, Oka-B shoes are 100% made in the U.S. They have a ton of cute sandals, flip flops, ballet flats, and wedges. Be sure to check out all the colors and styles in their Summer 2017 collection here.

Needless to say, I’m really feeling this company AND their products.

I’m wearing the Pauline in “Aged Gold.” I am a size 7 and I am wearing the size M. These shoes literally go with everything. Being that they’re water resistant, I can wear them to St. Pete’s sandy beaches or on a rainy day (the Florida summer storms are coming!), without worrying that they’ll get ruined. Cute and practical? Yes please.

Now that summer is in full swing, I’m pretty certain that I’ll be living in these! 😉

The Little Linen Romper

| Shop romper here, and shoes here. |

Oh the romper. So much love for you. Whoever invented the romper, I’d love to give them a big hug, drink coffee with them, and be their friend. Because the romper is just about the comfiest garment that is socially acceptable to wear in public.

In all seriousness, rompers are not new in the fashion scene. They date back to the early 1900’s, as children’s play clothes. No wonder I love rompers! This kid at heart loves something that’s easy to play in! 😉 Women started wearing them in the ’50s, and they’ve reemerged through the years. Yet another reason to love rompers: timeless.

This romper in particular, is so effortless. It has a relaxed yet put together look. Being so versatile, you can dress it down with footbed sandals or dress it up for date night with some wedges.

And it couldn’t be more true: it’s all in the details. The gold buttons down the front. The low back. The linen material. It is all done so tastefully.

Well I’m off for a little adventure downtown! Being that it’s almost 90 degrees outside, I’m thinking I’ll throw on this romper. 

Lady in Linen

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When I was younger, I was quite the shopper. If there was a new trend, I would buy it. If it was on sale, I would buy it. But what ended up happening is, I had way too many clothes that I never wore. Half of my purchases were only in style for a couple of months.

As I grew older, I learned to buy more timeless clothes. Clothes that would never go out of style. If Audrey Hepburn would wear it, then I consider it a worthy purchase. Today, I’m all about quality over quantity. (But I still love me a good sale!)

Today I want to introduce you to this classic white linen dress.

Not only is this dress impeccably made, but it makes me feel like such a lady. It stirs up my yearning for travel. I’m pretty sure this dress would fit right in on the streets of Rome. Can’t you just see it? This dress. A charming Italian cafe. A bottle of lemoncello. A basket of fresh produce from a local market. It’s seriously giving me major Audrey Hepburn vibes from Roman Holiday.  

Pockets that I can sink my hands into. Classic button detailing. Perfect length. Breathable linen material that sways in all the right ways.

I’ll take this dress with a scoop of gelato and a cappuccino, please! You can bet you’ll see me wearing this darling sundress year after year!

(Great. Now I’ve inspired myself to look into tickets to Italy! I’m seriously dreaming. But dreaming is good. 😉)

Going Out More Often

Ahhhh sweet summertime is just around the corner! 🌺 Now I know we all need some R&R from time to time, but too much Netflix and couch-potatoing isn’t good either.

Today I’d like to talk to you about the GOMO project: Going Out More Often. I think we can all agree that money spent on experiences is far more gratifying, rewarding, and lasting than material goods. Going out can provide lasting memories and enriching experiences. Life is a vapor. It’s important to make the most out of it and to soak it up.

A really cool company called Eventbrite reached out to me regarding their GOMO movement. Their site allows you to not only find local events in your area, but to also create your own and even sell tickets. Definitely an amazing concept. I recommend taking advantage of their site by seeing what events are going on near you this summer!

So, with all that being said, how do I plan on living eventfully this summer? Even though I’ll be working, that won’t stop me from going out more often. I’m all about eating at new local restaurants, checking out outdoor markets, and being spontaneous. You’d be surprised with how much is going on in your community.

In June, I plan on attending a Phil Whickam concert (which I am unbelievably stoked for). In early September, the hubs and I are going to St. Lucia! 🌴🍍 The rest of our summer is still up in the air, but I’ll definitely be using Eventbrite  to discover what else is going on.

Let’s make this summer rich with flavorful and colorful experiences! Grab your camera, go outside, find a local adventure, and create a fabulous summer for yourself!