Shaking the Post Christmas Blues

No more Halmark Christmas movie marathons. Christmas decor is being stripped down. The energy in the air has dissipated.  Strangers walking by me are no longer humming “Jingle Bells.”

While some people rejoice when the holidays are over, I am among those who simply don’t know what to do with themselves. My home looks sad without all of its trimmings. And don’t even get me started on how DEPRESSING it is to take down the Christmas tree.

I find myself utterly bummed that the magic of the holidays is over.

For the hot cocoa sipping, “Elf” watching, Christmas sweater fanatics, I’ve crafted 3 tips to shake the post Christmas blues. This one’s for you, my fellow Christmas carol lovers.

  1. Make plans. Plan a trip to some place new. Plan a dinner party with your closest friends. Schedule a fancy date night. Go to a local event. Give yourself something to look forward to. I think that’s the key.  Christmas time, there’s so much to do. However, once the holidays are over, we tend to go back to our daily grind. Plan something that’ll give you motivation to get through the hectic work day!
  2. Redecorate. It’s a fresh new year. Perhaps your home needs a little pick-me-up. Redecorating doesn’t have to cost a lot, nor does it mean you need to gut your kitchen, put in a pool, add another room, and undergo a complete renovation. Instead, maybe switch out the photos in your picture frames. Rearrange your furniture if your space permits. Buy some new throw pillows to liven your place up. After taking down all of my Christmas decorations, my apartment looked empty. I wanted to freshen it up! We hung a few pictures we had lying around frameless and added lots of green! A faux fiddle leaf fig tree (that tree you see everywhere on Pinterest) and a new potted plant on our coffee table completely transformed our living room. It’s amazing what some minor tweaks (and a whole lot of green) can do!
  3. Go outside more. Get some fresh air. Have a picnic. Go to the beach. Go hiking. Heck, just go for a walk. True, there’s no Christmas lights to admire. But there’s a whole lot more. And it is beautiful. And it is good.

Well, there you have it. We’re in this holiday hangover together. Grab your calendar, take a trip to Target, and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.



Author: Julia

My name is Julia and my name means "youthful." I believe in imagination. I believe in spontaneous adventures, even if they are small. Here at The Youthful Home, we love a big cup of green tea, a white sundress, home cooking, and a whole lot of Jesus. We invite likeminded friends to visit and stay awhile. Welcome to The Youthful Home.

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