Letter From a Teacher’s Aide

Dear reader,

I am a teacher’s aide.

I’m not a teacher, an administrator, or a guidance counselor. I am the girl in the back of the room grading papers and cutting out shapes. I work quietly and happily, and step in when needed. I’m the girl washing tables, and trying to calm down the kid having a melt down.

In the midst of the chaos, it is easy to forget that what I’m doing is important.

This past Sunday in church, God gave me an excellent reminder. My church is starting a ministry where they are going to help a local school by spending time in the classroom. The pastor described this as “cutting snowflakes,”reading with kids, giving the teacher a chance to work one on one with a child that needs some extra help, etc.

My sister nudged me and whispered, “Julia, that’s what you do everyday! Your job is a ministry.” It instantly choked me up.

What may seem small to me, is big to God.

God has me where I am for a purpose: to show the love of Christ to his children. To be someone they can trust. Someone they know will always give them a smile.

I remember being a little girl, and thinking how invincible adults were. They could fix anything. They were strong. They made “boo-boos” feel better. They had so much knowledge. They were comforting. Even though we adults hardly feel “invincible,” that’s what we are to these children. I have the daily opportunity to be these kids’ rock in moments when they don’t know what to do.

So to the weary and the worn out, remember that God smiles when He sees you serving Him. His glory is our goal. So even when I lovingly tell a kid to stop doing something dangerous, and they roll their eyes, God is renewing my strength. Keep on keeping on, for His glory.


Author: Julia

My name is Julia and my name means "youthful." I believe in imagination. I believe in spontaneous adventures, even if they are small. Here at The Youthful Home, we love a big cup of green tea, a white sundress, home cooking, and a whole lot of Jesus. We invite likeminded friends to visit and stay awhile. Welcome to The Youthful Home.

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