The Ultimate Love Triangle

(Moment above captured by Stephanie Gamble 💗)

You gotta love the love triangle. I’m not talking about a girl trying to choose between two guys that we see on all the television dramas. I’m talking about the ultimate love triangle.


 Him                  Her

This is the answer to every failing relationship, to every broken heart, to every argument, to every sleepless night. If God is first, if He is the ruler of your life and your relationship, everything will fall into place.

In order for a couple to grow closer to each other, they must seek God first. He is the glue to keep you together; He is the author of your love.

Sadly, this is where so many relationships go wrong: God isn’t part of the equation. Or even in God-centered relationships, the moment we take God off the top of the triangle, things begin to crumble. It is in those moments where things are weak, that we need to pray. When it’s hard to pray, that’s usually when you need to pray most.

Let me tell you something powerful: Amidst a fight, stop and pray together. It may be the last thing you feel like doing in that moment, but there is power in prayer, my friends. Bring it back to the Lord and He will do the healing.

We’re broken people. We don’t have to fix ourselves or a messy situation. Give it to God; bring it to His feet. That’s what He wants to do: He wants to carry the load. Because He loves us. So much.

God is for US.

Make praying together a habit. Not just before meals, not just before bed, but when it’s hard to pray. Keep God at the top of the love triangle.

Author: Julia

My name is Julia and my name means "youthful." I believe in imagination. I believe in spontaneous adventures, even if they are small. Here at The Youthful Home, we love a big cup of green tea, a white sundress, home cooking, and a whole lot of Jesus. We invite likeminded friends to visit and stay awhile. Welcome to The Youthful Home.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Love Triangle”

  1. Such an inspiring post!!! Love it!!! I totally agree! I made sure to include a part in my wedding where we played “The Marriage Prayer” and my husband and I took that time to pray for our marriage and each other. It was so special and we have tried to incorporate the same concept throughout our marriage. I think it makes the world of a difference!

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